As we all know, Corona has a stranglehold on the whole world. Travel is com-
pletely out of the question, personal rights are restricted and the global eco-
nomy is becoming increasingly difficult.

So of course your cycling island No. 1 Mallorca.

The associated cancellations hit us extremely hard and pose huge challen-
ges. Many emails from guests who do not understand why we do not transfer

the entire amount of the bike rental reach us.

Let us give you a few facts:

1. A pandemic, like Corona right now, is a case of “FORCE VIOLENCE”. This
means that we would not be obliged to reimburse anything because we could
and would provide our services and there is no fault on our part.
2. To insure against financial losses of this kind, some insurers offer various
options for private insurance. Of course, these products would then have to
be commissioned by the customer and of course also paid for. Most people
avoid this additional expense, however, because “understandably?” You want

to save.

3. With some credit card companies, various services are automatically inclu-
ded when paying with their cards. So e.g. possibly also travel cancellation in-
surance or similar. Maybe just ask ?!

The reimbursements we provide are therefore voluntary and not part of a le-
gal claim. Within the scope of our possibilities, we naturally try to meet the de-
mands placed on us as best we can, but unfortunately we cannot always do


We are already working on various options for better protection for the future
so that such a disaster will not hit us all so suddenly and hard in the future.
So we are currently e.g. already in contact with various insurers.
We would like to thank our guests for their understanding, their solidarity and

the many really positive and loving requests that we all have more than ne-
cessary in these difficult times.

Stay healthy and fit
Doc Thomas