General contract conditions (items)


Our items are reduced to the most important things we need for trouble-free funcionament.
Please pay also attention of our complement announcements in the shop. Contracts are concluded exclusively in accordance with applicable Spanish law.

  1. Contracting parties and – duracion

The rental contract is concluded between bicimed (Caputliberum S.L. ; CIF: B16556748; Ctra. Alcudia – Artá, 142; 07400 Alcudia; IB; España) in the following named bm) and the person who is designated in the rental contract (in the following named tenant).
bm is not the contracting party for the clients of other providers and therefore not legally responsible for their affairs.
Bikes or equipment given out by way of bm in order of other providers apply to their own contract condicions.
Each contract duracion begins with firming of the rental contract and finish on the last day of agreed contract duracion latest at 18h  p.m.
With pleasure bm let you have the rented bike by availability on the day before beginning your rental time after 18h p.m. without additional charge.
A prolongation of the rental contract only is possible by prior agreement with bm.
In case of a delayed return of the rented bike or equipment by the tenant bm is entitled to charge the outstanding rent.
Should bm incur further financial damage caused of the delayed return this also have to pay the tenant.
In case of early return of the rented bike or equipment the tenant don’t have any right of refund, not even for accident, illness or theft.
All contracts and agreements are subject to actual Spanish law.

  1. Rental bikes and equipment

Our rental objects are most brand bikes and equipment of the higher and high end price range.
The rental objects, especially the bikes, are always passed to the tenant cleaned and in technically and optically perfect condition.
Please always check this before going out, later query will not be accepted by bm.
In case of hidden defects the tenant have to inform bm immediately and stop any use of the rented objects until bm has fixed the harm or changed the object or bike and released it for use.
Otherwise, any liability is excluded and bm is entitled to fix the damage on cost of the tenant.
In case of damage of our rental objects by third, the tenant must take into recourse the polluter by himself. The direct liability is always between bm and tenant.
The cleaning after return of our rental objects bm likes to take for you.
The use in races or race-like events (RTF, Mallorca 312, Ironman, etc.) are expressly prohibited
Of course pedals (Shimano SPD, Shimano SL, LOOK Keo, pedal plates) and saddle are included in the lease price.
Should the tenant wants any change on his rental object or bike (any change, including turn of the handlebars or installing a triathlon composition etc.) this had to be done always and exclusively by bm. Though its not possible to realize this on all rental bikes and objects. 

  1. Advanced booking, booking and payment

For advanced booking of a suitable bike please specify always your body size, and M1-M2-M3. Later change of frame size is not always possible and goes on charge of the tenant.
By advanced booking the tenant has to pay the full amount of the rental charge with credit/debit card (Visa or Mastercard) or Maestro Card.
Please be always sure to take with you the voucher of  advanced booking, a copy of your down payment, credit/debit card (Visa or Mastercard – please always together with identification document) and 20.- € cash deposit for saddlebag, pump, innertube and bike computer.
We notice your creditcard-number on the rental contract instead of a cash deposit for the rental object. We don’t accept other deposits like passports or other personal documents.
In case of cancelling the advanced booking up to 4 weeks before bm does not calculate any charge.
Up to 2 week before bm calculate 50% of the rental charge and up to 1 week 75%.
Less than 1 week you have to pay the whole lease price. The rental price will only be repaid via a gift voucher.

  1. Insurance

bm offers only a material accident insurance (price list therefore in the shop) and depending on rental object the deductible is up to 500.-€. (price list in the shop)
Personal harms of the tenant or physical or personal harms on thirds are expressly excluded of insurance.
This also includes theft and damages of vandalism or force of nature.
For all this the tenant has to take care himself.
For our high end Carbon-bikes and Carbon wheels at the moment we cant offer any insurance. In races or racing-like events (Ironman, M312, RTF, etc.) insurance is also not possible.

  1. Obligations and liability

Each rental object, especially our bikes, are carefully checked by bm before handing over to the tenant and so they are in technically, optically and roadworthy perfect conditions.
Any deficiency the tenant has to communicate immediately to bm, later querys will not be acceptet.
bm only is liable for physical- or personal harms if bm handled demonstrably with gross neglicence or tacitly accept a harm.
bm is entitled to change at any time his items in all or in parts and this changes are valid from this on.
This changes will not be expressly demonstrated on our homepage. 

  1. Severability clause and jurisdiction

If any determination or part of this items will be uneffective or impracticable with law at time or later of signing a rental contract the rest of the items will not be touched by this.
In place of the uneffective or impracticable part should be step in the most similar, effective and practicable lawfully arrangement that is the next to the economically objective of this items.
This also should be effective in case of a failing part in this items.

Jurisdication is the home of bm and the responsible court.