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EXPERIENCE with all your senses Your individual bike well-being in 2019 brand new and unique in Spain

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3D – body scanning and ergo optimization for never felt top-level ride comfort second to none – Wellness on bike !!
Large selection of brand-new high-end race and mountain bikes of the Austrian bike manufacturer SIMPLON and the complete ergonomics equipment of the well-known brand ERGON to test drive to your heart’s content – every bike as individual as you – and at hammer prices!

Fitness for body and soul – in addition to our proven and popular partners SPONSER and OTE, we have been able to bring a third and selected individual brand from Austria on board – welcome to Bicimed HEADSTART! HEADSTART is the specialist in nutricion-metabólic-overflow with the inevitable performance deficit – an often observed fenomen, especially in the field of amateur sports, which these products target and efficiently counteract – and that for us really surprisingly fast!

Together with our professional partners from BODYSCANNING CRM, SIMPLON and the individual Nutrition, we can now offer optimal performance through the combination of a perfectly tuned wheel with ideal power transmission and Nutrtioni fine tuning – so you can achieve your personal goals without depleting yourself and yours bike.

Meet & Bike – Point directly at the EXPERIENCE CENTER. Casual exploring the island together with other bike friends, preparing for domestic races – whether as a pure pleasure driver or ambitious hobby biker – here you can exchange views, arrange appointments and roll together!

As a member of the unique SIMPLON RIDERS CLUB, created in 2019, you can enjoy the exclusive discounts and special offers of the day as well as enjoy the best coffee before or after the ride on Mallorca 😉 for free!





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