Useful informations

  • In Spain it´s allowed to drive with the bike in lines of two side by side but only in groups of more than 6 cyclists, smaller groups (also couples!!) always have to go one after another.
  • If there is a side range on the road is obligatory to use it if there isn’t a bicycle path.
  • In Spain it’s absolutely obligatory to wear helmet when you go on a ride with any two-wheel-vehicle. The punishment for not wearing it at the moment is 400.-€ and additionally in case of an accident no insurance will pay, also not any private insurance.
  • In case of little accidents it’s recommendable to take with you the card of your health insurance. A few of locally medical centres can settle up directly with your health insurance, others you have to pay first and then you can give the bill at home to your health insurance. 
  • In case of an accident with personal harm and needing medical assistance on the street please call always first of all the int. emergency call 112. They’ll then organize the ambulance, police and whatever is needed more.
  • Please be sure always to take with you your identification document and a copy of the rental contract with bm. In this contract are noticed all important data like your name, hotel or residence and also phone-numbers of bm that you or anyone can inform us too.
  • In case of accidents reforced by the police (Guardia civil) bm needs to have obligatory a copy of the protocol.
  • It’s absolutely prohibited during cycling (or driving any vehicle!) to phone or to use earphones. The fine therefore is 200,-€