If your bike is not roadworthy after a breakdown or even after an accident, we transport the driver and bike with our own ambulance back to the bicycle station of bicimed.

For smaller surgeries we always have a solid selection of medications (*) for your bike on board. Our ambulance is specially equipped for this type of emergency. Always on board are parts, medicines and surgical instruments for the treatment of:

  • Tendon tear (shift or brake cable torn) – Exchange of brake and shift cables, Zughüllen, hydr. Bleed the brake.
  • Muscle fiber rupture (damaged spoke) – Replacement of the defective spoke and centering of the impeller (due to the large number of different spokes and nipples it is not always possible on all wheels).
  • Loss of drive (defect on the drive train) – repair or replacement of defective parts, such as chain, cassette or crank.
  • Potency problems (def. Hanger) – The hanger is no longer tough enough to do its job? We fix it, or exchange it.
  • Breast OP (our favorite ☺) – In order to restore the youthful plump shape, we always carry implants (tubes) in various sizes in the vehicle. Subsequent adequate filling with a harmless filling agent (air) is a matter of course.
  • Joint osteoarthritis (wear in the bottom bracket or headset) – Swapping the defective joint (bearing)
  • Check movement (braking and shifting) – adjustment and / or replacement of defective parts.
  • ECG (electric circuit) – check and adjustment of the common electrical circuits such as Di2, EPS or e-tap, if necessary exchange the def. Parts.
  • Resuscitation – The battery of your el. Circuit has forgotten to charge independently before the exit? We have div. Chargers on board.
  • Bone fracture (fracture of the frame) – In case of fractures or fractures of the frame only the transport to the clinic (bicimed) remains for a more detailed anamnesis.